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Types of Vehicles to Donate

  • Car Haulers
  • Sailboats
  • Machinery
  • Industrial Machines
  • 4 Wheelers
  • Fishing Boats
  • Tractors
  • Mini-Vans
  • Fifth Wheels
  • Stake Trucks

Vehicle Donation Tips

When you donate an old car or truck to your favorite charity, you will need to get a receipt for the selling price in order to claim a deduction on your tax return.

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Advantages of donating your vehicle to charity.

Thanks For Your Donation

Donations4People is your resource to finding information on how to donate your vehicle to charity to make a positive impact on a life. Donate your boat, car, motorcycle, Motor home, SUV, Trailer, or Truck and receive a tax deduction. Push, pull, or drag your vehicle or have it towed. Locations will vary by state. The information here will help you discover the best charities in your local area where you can donate your used vehicle. We also provide resources that help you see what the best non-profit organizations are that accept vehicle donations without a title as well as how your used automobile helps them to raise money.

Choose Your Type of Donation:

Some of the organizations listed on Donations4People.com use a third party to pick up and mange inventory. While many of them will tow your vehicle at no cost to you, the non-profit organization is still responsible for fees. We suggest you find the percentage amount of the proceeds actually go to the charitable organization where you are making your contribution.

Donate Your Used Vehicle to Charity

Before making your donation, make sure you are aware of the following practices. In the event the charity you donated your vehicle to sells the item for more than $500, you should receive a receipt in the mail that will allow you to deduct the sales price from the donated vehicle on your tax return. If your vehicle was worth less than $500, you are permitted to use the fair market value of the vehicle according to the IRS. The value you determine is based on the amount that you would be willing to accept if someone were to buy the vehicle from you. This can also be based on the Kelly Blue Book used vehicle value, for example. To claim your tax deduction, you will need to itemize your return. A local tax professional will be able to help you.

If you need to find a charity or have a specific charity in mind that you were thinking of donating to, you can do a search online to see if they offer a vehicle donation program.

Benefits of Donating a Used Vehicle

Besides receiving a tax deduction for making donation, the greatest part is the joy and happiness you will receive for making a difference in the life of a less fortunate person. Instead of trading in your car, getting the lowest value likely from a dealer, you get the satisfaction of donating to your favorite charity while also receiving a tax benefit. You will want to research vehicle resale values based on your market and vehicle condition. It also doesn’t hurt to speak with your accountant prior to making the donation to get their advice.

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